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D105-003 First Year Studio II

Design of Window Bird Feeder



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Design Challenge —

Design a window bird feeder that could provide unrestricted viewing of wild birds from inches away. People could watch wildlife from the comfort of their home, office, or classroom, create memories with family and friends as it offers a crystal clear and close view of any wide birds.

This design challenge is planned for the 2020 spring first year design studio of Industrial design program in North Carolina State University. As part of our design evaluation and development process, we are now reaching out to gather feedbacks on student’s initial ideas. Those future designers present their design proposal below. We’d really appreciate it if you could give us some feedback on their projects. 

01-Bird Feeder

The ideation and creation of a window bird feeder. While keeping aesthetic in mind, I intend to create a source food for birds and source of leisure for the consumer.​

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03-Sunrise Feeder

Sunrise Feeder Investigation & Research Due to the fact that i had been on lock down during the pandemic this gave me plenty of time

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08- Let’s Ask the Birds Window Bird Feeder

Introducing Let’s Ask the Birds, an informative yet fun way to get everyone involved. Adults can learn the statistics of daily bird visitations while kids can “ask the birds” a question and they can vote. Need help to figure out if you should have chicken or pasta for dinner? Ask the birds! Still deciding if you should get that new game console? Why not leave it up to the birds, they will always have the answer for you.

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A unique twist on the bird feeder that allows you to “shoot” the bird seed into the yard. This inventive design will keeper kids of all ages entertained for hours!

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14 Bird Framer

My window bird feeder design, the Bird Framer, makes it easier to photograph and interact with birds. The gravity fed design incorporates the bird seed into the photo, perfectly framing the bird while it eats.

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