Matthew Blanding


The main task for this project was to design a window mounted bird feeder. This feeder is expected to please its two main users: birds and humans. The design equally addresses the feeders appearance, functionality, overall user experience in a unique manner that is modern and 


Initial Prototype

This initial prototype was an attempt to understand form and size. With this prototype I really wanted to see how far I could get with a simple design, mainly aiming to understand how the aspects work in harmony with each other. This initial prototype only consist of the three minimal requirements for both users: a perch pad and seed bowl for the birds and a faux viewing window for the installer

Initial Design

This design was based on a barrel and tray system. The side trays were to serve as drinking water and bird bath areas while the interior was to be full of the actual bird seed. In order to keep the area clean the barrel was going to be covered in small holes to allow for drainage and air flow. There were also perches that extruded from the barrel as well 

This design was centered around finding ways to provide the the secondary user (humans) with various methods of interaction. The concept was to have sliding and interchangeable perches and feed cups that the secondary user could pick from. By providing the secondary user the chance to create their own scene, they then feel more connected to the piece and want to interact with it more.

This iteration was a play on the commonly seen hamster water bottle. This design consisted of a long inner tube with a built in filter and drinking spouts. The design also is designed to be window mounted while having varying sizes of feed cups for multiple types of feed.

Final Product:

The Birdstone

This is the final model. The design of this bird feeder was inspired by the multi-storied Brownstone style homes. The final model would be made from finished treated wood, thin aluminum tubing, and tin. Some The design features: 

– 5 silicone suction cups for window mounting

– 3 aluminum perch rods

– Upper level feed bowl (w/ drainage)

– Lower level birdbath area for smaller birds 

– Tin Roof (doubles as Squirrel baffle and Lid )

– Window side view ports for secondary user to observe visitors