Joy-Con grip form study

Using blue foam to decode the form of the Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Grip controller.

A staple of the Nintendo Switches is the Joy-Con Grip. It comes with the console and is a hollow, plastic controller mean to hold the Joy-Cons  into a position that mimics a traditional video game controller. Its aesthetic matches that of the Switch set and is intended to stand next to the console as a companion.

While it serves its function properly and is aesthetically pleasing, its form is lacking in making the grip comfortable for gamers to hold. 

Unhappy with the grip, I used blue foam to decode and explore the foam of the Joy-Con Grip without compromising its core aesthetic and while keeping its ability to stand. 

Because the width of the controller and height needed to stay constant to match the size of the Joy-Cons, I altered the shape, direction, and size of the handles and how they transitioned into the back of the grip and explored adding an indentation for a finger to sit in.

Form Sketches

Ideation & Production