It's More Than Just A Name

– Matthew Blanding – 

Why + How



Why + How

The goal of this project is to create a nameplate that not only states who I am but also provides a visual representation that represents what I value and take interest in. My inspiration for this name plate is definitely my love for furniture. Growing up, I was always fascinated with hand crafted furniture and the amount of time, precision, and skill that it takes to create pieces of furniture. As I grew older, my love for furniture grew once I was able to work with tools and create my own. 

The nameplate will be created by vacuum forming a sheet of plastic over a previously constructed mold

Process and Prototyping

Below you can see photographs depicting the process. There was a series of sketches and ideas that were presented along with a few different chair and table models that were made before I decided on my final model. Throughout the process, I learned a two lessons. First that the blue foam is not very strong even if you coat it in plaster. The heat of the vacuum former is just to much for the foam. I also learned that when vacuum forming it is best to have a backup mold if your mold is going to be made of something soft that has the potential to melt or become deformed. 

Final Product

This is the final product of my vacuum formed sign