ID 102_2022 Spring

Project 5

Design Challenge —

Design a tool to facilitate the in-person/remote learning experience, especially for the class or remote working scenario that requires sharing demonstrations visually. For example, the design could be a document camera or could utilize a smartphone to set up a remote learning/teaching station.

This was a fast-paced short session, mainly focusing on design study at the fuzzy front end.

project duration: 2 Weeks
Project 4

Design Challenge —

Design a STEM mission for kids and also develop some parts for this mission, which could be used to complete the task along with some household items. In a collaborative endeavor, the goal is to develop a solution to lessen substantial educational inequalities that already exist, make learning resources accessible to different social groups, including low-income families and home-schooling families.
project duration: 4.5 Weeks

Project 3

Design Challenge —

Define a simple geometric shelled case and maintain a similar volume during the process, follow each step to modify the visual language. The goal is to create a visual focal point under different design context and provide visual cues to users. Make sure the focal point has a noticeable difference in visual weight that could hold the user’s attention. Experiment with different visual languages to communicate with target users, learn to make conscious control during the form development.

project duration: 1.5 Weeks

Project 2

Design Challenge —

Design and develop a module divider that could serve as a temporary partition wall, from public space to home office.
The design concept needs to be tested out by vacuum-formed prototypes. The modules and the fastening method should be visually attractive, identifiable, lightweight, versatile, flexible, in common sense, and easy to set up, and quick to change. The constraints of vacuum forming need to be considered during the design process.

Recycled PET Felt is an acoustic material that could be die cut, thermoformed by a pressing tool. Maintaining a material-led approach, Keeping the material property in mind, embracing both hand-craft and machine processes allows the exploration of ideas.

project duration: 3 Weeks

Project 1

Design Challenge —

Build a tensegrity sculpture, which is a structure of isolated compression elements suspended in a tensioned network. The purpose of this project is to explore balance in 3D composition, mechanically and esthetically, create visual impact by delivering a surprising, impossible structure.

project duration: 2.5 Weeks