shoe on the wall

what is vacuum forming

Vacuum forming is the process of heating up plastic to a malleable state, then using a strong force of air to form the plastic over the form.

Why a Shoe

I'm very passionate about sneakers, especially more unique sneakers such as Adidas' city socks.


The Ideation aspect of it is very important, in order to to plan out your idea and envision what you want on paper.


In order to vacuum form I had to first make a hard mold of the shoe. I made the mold by forming it around an actual nmd Adidas City Sock. The clay then hardened but was still in a rough form. I then sanded the mold to get a cleaner look. I then used the form to vacuum form a sign.

the step by step process.

These are a couple of images taken to show the ideation, and piece by piece start to finish.

THe Finished product

By: Wil Lehman