Decoding the Form of Glue Bottles

Aniya Alston | ID105 | 2020


Products have helped so many people in different ways and served multiple purposes. Although, most products are not exactly perfect and could use some recreations. with this insight, I began to explore the various products around me and had the goal to modify them into forms suitable for different reasons.‚Äč


Out of all the products I searched for, I came across Elmer's glue. While using it for its sole purpose, I realized that, while in my hand, it automatically orientates my hand and fingers to the front face of its rectangular shape. After taking the time to examine this essential tool, I became more intrigued to create more forms that served more ergonomic factors. Although, I chose not to focus on the spouts, except for one form. Since the spouts closely resembled a writing utensil, it was sensical to keep them as it was since the majority of people are accustomed.