Playstation 4 Controller
Blue Foam

Why a Playstation Controller?

I chose a Playstation 4 Controller to model/sketch in order to practice organic shapes.  The shape of the Playstation 4 Controller is an interesting shape and I felt that I could improve my sketching and modeling skills while studying this controller.

The Processes

In order to construct Playstation controllers from blue foam, I had to place a profile and top view template on a piece of foam.  This process allowed me to create the organic shape that I needed.  After using a bandsaw to cut out the basic outline, I was able to modify this shape through sanding and other techniques.

In order to sketch the organic shape of the Playstation controller, I started with a simple box and began to add details where necessary.  For example, in creating the handles, a side box was constructed at an angle so that a profile view of the controller could be sketched out..