Eastman recently won the LUXE PACK in green award for their new sustainable packaging product. 


Design eat and drink “on the go” food service containers for Eastman’s new commercially compostable product material. 


Commercial Composting

What is currently in the market?

Hands on testing/observations of client interactions


Main Focus


My main focus was on the food service customers and employees interaction with the current packaging products and how to improve their user experience. 

Just to be “clear” food is “boxy” for a reason.

How to make this an advantage?

Two Designs

Improve a messy situation

“Clear” up about what is in the bag

Burger clam shell

My goal was to make a third compartment for a burger clam shell.

The best way to improve a messy situation is to get messy yourself.

Clear Bag

Clearing things up

My next design was a clear bag that will improve order accuracy.

Thank you for checking out my project.