Lets decode this form with foam!

Exploded View: What’s inside?

Prototyping Round 1: 

How do you hold it?

With your fingers

This has cuts in the bottom to grip this with your thumb and index finger


Top and Bottom

This invites you to pull from the top and bottom

Palm and Sides Grip

This sees you grip the sides and use the palms of your hands.

Understand the OG

My parents work for Caterpillar so I choose to start by studying a Caterpillar Tape Measure. It has a top bottom style grip with the rubber on the top and bottom. This allows your finger to access the lock on the front.

Making the OG

This helped me to better understand the shape and form of the tape measure. Where it is remains as a cylinder and where the form emerges from it to provide better functionality and ergonomics. I used a rasp, and sandpaper the make the form.


Squeeze Lock

I started by cutting each of my exclamation points in half so they would show better.


New Material

This design is more durable, and uses a top bottom grip style.


This exists to be in a museum and is not very practical. The sharp sides guide your eyes to the opening.

Back Lock

This also replies on a push lock in the back

Ergonomic button

This style is a combo of the finger and palm grip. It dips in the back to fit better in your hand.

Side Grips

This is a palm grip which give finger access to a lock on the top with a dip in the back


Something Crazy