This project focused on the form of a hair curling iron. It was my job to analyze the structure and modify the object.


In order to completely understand the product, i researched the current product. The size, shape, and layout- internal and external. I then drew detailed drawings to explain the construct of curling irons. I then used this information to aid my redesigns.


For each new design i made, i drew detailed sketches of the model. By doing this I was able to elaborate on the basic forms, exploring slight how a slight difference would effect the design. I added buttons, cords, and extensions that were to complex for blue foam models. 

In this model I really wanted to focus on the fingers. mainly how they grip the handle of a curling iron. To accentuate that grip I made the handle with thick finger-sized indents. This provided an easy 360 grip that ensured a firm hold on the curling iron.

I moved on to design a more ergonomic design. I wanted something that would match the curve of the hand. The back curve of this design supports the curve of the fingers. The pad of the thumb sits on the front curve, right below the buttons. That then guides the thumb to rest on the buttons, providing easy access to the controls.

This design focuses solely on the grip of the curling iron. I made it with many individual ridges that allow a firm grip on the handle. I liked how much control this provided the user when curling hair. But this design lacked the aesthetic that I felt a curling iron needed.

This design is completely out of the ordinary design of curling irons. It is designed to be held with the iron facing downward. After testing it in a model I realized that it did not work as well as I thought it would. But I still think the basic idea deserves to be explored more.

This page of ideation explored more ergonomic designs. I tried to find the perfect design that would be versatile for all people.

Think design focused on a more bulbous structure. I was intrigued with the idea of curves and how they assisted in the function. Once i created the basic form I flipped it around so I could see how that slight change effected the the design

These designs expanded on the curvature of the curling iron. i wanted to see how more complex curves could be used. Both for aesthetics and function. i found that more complex curves provided a clean yet interesting aesthetic, but often hindered the function and made it harder to use.


I used blue foam to model the ideas I had for redesigning curling wands. By doing this i was able to have a tangible design. i could then see how they would feel when they were held and used to curl hair. It was very fun to make and provide me with valuable skills in foam modeling. 

Photo Journal

This compilation of photos provides a detailed look at my curling iron redesigns including- ideation, sketches,  and individual blue foam model photographs.