The Form of AirPods

By: Sarah Lewis

Blue Foam Form Project

Models with Form Sketches

The AirPod designed by Apple has a very distinct shape. While decoding it’s form and slight variation between transitions of the AirPod, I decided to stay true to the piece that sits comfortably inside the ear. One of the main things I appreciate about the AirPod is this part that fits into the ear, it’s comfortable and does not fall out easily. With that being said, I have focused my form project on the “stem” portion of the AirPod, this is the piece that the user touches to place and remove the AirPod from their ear. 

The Original AirPod

Pointed Stem

Rounded Stem

Vertical & Horizontal Stem Grip

Stream Lined Stem

The remaining forms for my project do not have a long standard stem as a grip, but a more compact and tactical grip systems. 

Short Stem

Shelf Grip

Vertical & Horizontal Grip

Sphere Grip